The Incredible Shrinking Man

  • 3D


The VR Experience The Incredible Shrinking Man is adapted from the eponymous movie by Jack Arnold (1957), where the hero sees his body shrink with dismay after a radioactive contamination. Courageously, he sets off to discover his new universe.

Then he finds himself in the basement of his house, where he has to face a hostile world from a 2cm perspective. He has to confront the shared fears of water, of emptyness and  of spiders.

Live a unique experience with HMD display, and find yourself totally immersed in a magical and poetic universe where objects are completely out of proportion and give you the opportunity to see the world you thought you knew in a whole new light !


Lead Producer:

  • Erik Geslin


Team Manager:

  • Myself



  • Mickaël Gaudelet
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Gillotin
  • Loreena Reginato



  • Laval Virtual – Best artistic direction


Download Link:

(Unzip the file and run the application)